"Nature is the world's apothecary.

Whatever you need for your health, lies within nature. 

I believe that we are all part of nature.

When we have a problem, the universe has a solution for us."

— Bambang Servasius Pranoto  

   composed by nature   
all our products are 100% plant based 
(no side effects, use for all ages)

100% natural

It's not magic, but close enough

history of KUTUS KUTUS

kutus kutus can help overcome ...

All our soaps and oils are 100% natural, 100% vegetable without any side effects
and for all ages,
Natural soaps and oils are also better for our planet because they don't harm the environment after they go down the drain!

kutus kutus

what is kutus kutus oil?

kutus kutus
 help to increase your physical resistance in a natural way.
Kutus Kutus is a natural healing oil based on the ancient practice of Jamu from Indonesia.

Jamu is similar to traditional Chinese medicine, it also makes use of various herbs, spices, and other extracts but it is combined in a way that promotes improved health, emotional well-being and overall energy levels.

Production of Kutus Kutus is done with a coconut-based carrier oil infused with the extracts of a diverse mixture of plants, roots, flowers, herbs and spices. The preparation of the oil results in a product that promotes an inner healing process and can be applied directly to the areas of pain or discomfort.​

what is JAMU?

Jamu is claimed to have originated sometime during the reign of the Mataram Kingdom some 1300 years ago. Treatments are herbal concoctions made from natural materials such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits that are infused into natural coconut oil.

This traditional style of medicine is used extensively in Bali where Kutus Kutus originates from

what is CHAKRA
Have you ever felt unexplained pain in a certain part of your body? Or maybe you’re experiencing a lack of creativity, or don’t know how to express your emotions? All of these life instances of pain and emotion can be traced back to the Seven Chakras and may indicate that one of them is imbalanced or blocked.

Kutus Kutus when combined with proper eating habits and regular exercise, can help with Chakra Alignment leading to an improved immune system and boosting your body’s inner capabilities. 

Chakra Alignmnet will have a positive impact on both your body and soul and will help you feel better, think more clearly and lead a more productive life.

Now you can realize the health benefits of a drug free, natural lifestyle using Kutus Kutus natural healing oil.
kutus kutus will help you feel pain-free, blissful and fully energized.

Safety of the Oil

The oil’s treatment is safe, fast, and simple with no side effects.
Kutus Kutus Oil is safe for Adults, Children, and even baby's as all ingredients are 100% natural!

There are no chemicals, preservatives, or additives used in the oil making process.

when was the last time you felt great?
blissful, pain-free and fully energized?
kutus kutus  can make it happen!

Sadly, too many of us are living with emotional distress, pain or chronic disease with no easy solutions in sight. 
Stress and our hectic modern lifestyle have reduced many of us to a hollowed out shell of what we once were and what we could be or should be.

After many visits to the Doctor, there is still no solution in sight.  Go home, take some meds and everything will be alright.

But will it?  
Most of the commonly prescribed conventional meds treat only symptoms, not the underlying causes of a patient’s disease


If traditional medecine has let you down...

Practiced for literally thousands of years, holistic or natural medicine is only now being reluctantly accepted into the mainstream to help relieve pain and even to fight diseases. Based on the traditional knowledge handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years, 

Tamba Waras created Kutus Kutus healing oil that can help you feel and perform better.

Our products


Kutus Kutus Olie

The Kutus kutus healing oil contains a selection of 49 different herbs and spices infused in coconut oil


testimonial kutus kutus oilMy kids love iT ✔️ what an Amazing product!

gemma, Belgium

I use kutus kutus oil on my neck & shoulder i use it for a week now and I feel good. im working in the restaurant so it’s more helpful for my tired body. I really recommend this magic oil. thanks 

robin, switserland

tanamu tanami oil

The oil is made from plant seeds, which are then enhanced with Jejamuan herbs and mixed with coconut and olive oils to promote better skin health.


testimonial tanamu tanami oilmy 2 kids had eczema (scratching until bleading from itchy), after using the tanamu tanami oil for 4 weeks it's almost gone, finally my kids sleep now , I want the world to know about tanamu tanami.😘😘🥰

Carina, Belgium
kalila kalila soap.jpg

Kalila kalila soap

Kalila Kalila soap is a premium soap made from all natural ingredients along with the core ingredient of Kutus Kutus Oil, it also contains Coconut oil and olive oil.


tanamu tanami soap

Tanamu Tanami soap is a premium soap made from all natural ingredients based on the core ingredient of Tanamu Oil.it also contains Coconut oil, olive oil and spices.

tanamu tanami soap.jpg

Naturally Simple

Natural soaps and oils are also better for our planet because they don’t harm the environment after they go down the drain!

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