about kutuskutus healing oil

"Nature is the world's apothecary.

Whatever you need for your health, lies within nature. 

I believe that we are all part of nature.

When we have a problem, the universe has a solution for us."

— Bambang Servasius Pranoto  

The Kutus Kutus herbal oil is derived from a diverse mixture of exquisite botanical extracts from various roots, bark, and other herbs.

The oil is concocted through a traditional method, resulting in a product that promotes the healing process. The oil is easy to apply to any areas of pain on the body.

The Kutus Kutus herbal oil works by activating the energy of the body that is often referred to as the “Qi/Chi”, and helps to maintain balance and health to the body. This energy is believed to be the core of life, it flows along the the meridian lines of our bodies.

Any interference or blockage of the “CHI” disrupts the body's natural flow, as well as the body's organs.


(Nusantara is the Indonesian translation for the Archipelago) Jamu is the terminology for Indonesian traditional medicine, specifically for the Javanese of Indonesia. The Jamu concoction orginates from natural plants blended without chemicals as additive. Jamu is often mentioned as traditional blend, for jamu has been knowsn since the time of our ancestors prior to the introduction of the knowledge of modern medicine to Indonesia.


Jamu is the unique concoction for herbal treatment in Indonesia. Jamu is used to treat any ailments, in accordance to the empirically known effectiveness of the plants from one generation to the next. The jamu knowledge has been used for centuries in Indonesia, and still is widely used up to present time.


We sincerely willing to share and assist healing to as many friends and family as possible, by employing our discovery of combining various herbal plants. This combination has been potently proven to help and heal many ailments.

ABOUT The Face Behind The Formula

For several years Mr. Bambang Pranoto worked at a multi-national corporate enterprise, re-selling technology goods and services to other companies. As a manager of his business unit, he was in charge of managing several large accounts within his region, and Mr. Pranoto eventually became a respected salesman in the business community.

Though, while the job came with prestige and enough money to feed the family, Mr. Pranoto never really saw himself working merely for profit. After several years abroad, he decided to follow a greater cause; starting his own business, to help people and support the development of his hometown, Gianyar, Bali, where he spend most of his days meditating.

During this time, however, an unfortunate event occurred. While Mr. Pranoto was looking for Kangkung vegetable leaves in the rice fields, he accidentally slipped and fell into a ravine. The accident resulted in the paralysis of both of his legs. However, rather than letting the incident dictate his life, he instead chose to make use of his time focusing on his meditation, and seeking a cure to treat his paralysed legs. During one of his daily meditation sessions, Mr. Pranoto reports to have experienced a vision around a mysterious healing oil.

With help of his friends, Mr. Pranoto began working on making his vision come to life. He started by gathering various medicinal plants, and other herbal ingredients, to blend together into an oil. After countless trials and experimentation, he finally managed to produce an applied herbal oil, consisting of 69 main herbal ingredients.

This is the oil we today know as Kutus Kutus. Mr. Pranoto used the oil on his paralysed legs daily, and experienced a complete recovery through regular treatment with the oil. He began sharing the oil with other people, who had been befallen by pains and ailments. When Bambang noticed the positive effects the oil had on their health and well-being, he decided that this amazing gift should be shared with more people around the world. 

over Tamba Waras

All started from a village Bona, a small village located in Gianyar Regency, Bali.With the intention to heal people as much as possible, and with confidence in presenting a herb into the legacy of the archipelago that has proven to heal and nourish from Majapahit eraSince the birth of the product TAMBA SANE named Kutus-Kutus. The legacy first buried, now shine again to become part of our everyday life in order to obtain the best health possible.


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