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my name is Deliani, 40 years young and Indonesian, I live in Belgium,
2 years ago I came in contact with kutuskutus oil, and over the past 2 years I used it frequently and experienced the positive effects of the oil. It is only this summer that i was also introduced to the tanuamu tanami oil for my skin (i have a lot of skin problems with my fragile Indonesian skin in Belgium)
I got the opportunity to become an official reseller for Europe, and I want to help other people to get the same magical experience as me, that’s why i started the online web shop www.balihealingoil.eu

A few months later I got the oportunity to add more shops to my portofolio of websites. We are going to unite them under our KCLshop.eu website

I'm sure you are going to be happy with our products and get the same positive experience as me, maybe as a user of the oil, and  maybe as a reseller to help other people with their problems


if you have any questions, I'm always willing to answer :)

customer service

contact hours : mon - sat 9.00 - 15.00T : +32 485 021 237
E : contact-form

A : 2050 Antwerp, Belgium
BE 0731 916 765
bank : BE10 7512 1003 0504

we accept payment by credit card, maestro, bancontact, ideal and pay pall

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