About me

my name is Deliani, 40 years young and Indonesian, I live in Belgium,
2 years ago I came in contact with kutuskutus oil, and over the past 2 years I used it frequently and experienced the positive effects of the oil. It is only this summer that i was also introduced to the tanuamu tanami oil for my skin (i have a lot of skin problems with my fragile Indonesian skin in Belgium)
I got the opportunity to become an official reseller for Europe, and I want to help other people to get the same magical experience as me, that’s why i started the online web shop www.balihealingoil.eu

I hope you are happy with our products and get the same positive experience as me, maybe as a user of the oil, maybe as a reseller to help other people with their problems


if you have any questions, I'm always willing to answer :)

About Tamba Waras

All started from a village Bona, a small village located in Gianyar Regency, Bali. With the intention to share the healing for people as possible, and with confidence in presenting a herb into the legacy of the archipelago that has proven to heal and nourish from Majapahit era, since the birth of the product TAMBA SANE named Kutus-Kutus. Yg legacy first buried, now shone again to become part of our everyday life in order to obtain kesembuahan and health.


(Nusantara is the Indonesian translation for the Archipelago) Jamu is the terminology for Indonesian traditional medicine, specifically for the Javanese of Indonesia. The Jamu concoction orginates from natural plants blended without chemicals as additive. Jamu is often mentioned as traditional blend, for jamu has been knowsn since the time of our ancestors prior to the introduction of the knowledge of modern medicine to Indonesia.


Jamu is the unique concoction for herbal treatment in Indonesia. Jamu is used to treat any ailments, in accordance to the empirically known effectiveness of the plants from one generation to the next. The jamu knowledge has been used for centuries in Indonesia, and still is widely used up to present time.


We sincerely willing to share and assist healing to as many friends and family as possible, by employing our discovery of combining various herbal plants. This combination has been potently proven to help and heal many ailments.

customer service

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we accept payment by credit card, maestro, bancontact, ideal and pay pall

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